MLB betting odds have been published and pitchers and catchers report to spring training. While it’s a long season I find it fun to bet on teams so you can be a fan all year round. However, these types of bets have very little value.

It is important to realize that sports betting always assume expected (implicit) odds of more than 100%, no matter what. This means that the implied probability for all of these 30-team bets is over 100%.

While futures betting is often juiced up by sports betting, that doesn’t mean the value can’t be found. These types of bets are usually found in division, player, and championship props.

Below we take a look at the World Series odds and the best bet for the season.

2021 MLB World Series odds

The best odds for this bet have come and gone, it seems. I have the Mets to win the World Series because I’m a homer and I’ve got it at +3000, but there is little value at the current price.

The White Sox are grossly overrated and unproven at this point, so I don’t get a preseason bet. If I had to bet, the Atlanta Braves at +1200 on William Hill Sportsbook – their list is one of the best in baseball.

MLB Futures Best Bet

AL Central Odds

Chicago White Sox winnings are projected to be 91.5, which is incredibly high for a young team like this. They expect Luis Robert to rise to the league and dominate from the start. As we saw with Vlad Guerrero Jr., young children don’t often get into the dominant league.

Additionally, the Twins are projected to 88.5 wins, which puts them well in the possibilities. Should Robert fight more than most expect, I think a win or two alone is worth it. The twins are consistently one of the better teams in AL Central and the White Sox are just too young for me to relate to their successes in the short season.

AL pennant value?

One longshot bet I like is slim more than anything else. The Houston Astros are +1000 to win the American League, which I think is excellent. Aside from losing George Springer, I believe the Astros made enough requests to make it to the American League.

While both the Yankees and White Sox are excellent teams, they’re not up to the Dodgers’ level. This makes me believe that this league is up for grabs. Of course, a lot will depend on who wins the fight by the close of trade, but the Astros have an excellent opportunity this year.