Police blow up illegal gambling facilities during a joint operation.

The Sophiatown Police Station is grateful to all of the RPG players present and involved in its recent success. On February 6, a facility in Greymont was searched during a joint operation between the station, other Johannesburg District police stations, Metro Police, Police Intelligence Unit and the Gauteng Gambling Board.

Police confiscated toy weapons, knives and other items that were classified as dangerous weapons during their joint operation on February 6. Photo: Andile Dlodlo

This is according to the station Colonel Devan Govender, who reported activities in the premises where they are illegal. “All computers were confiscated and one case was recorded. [This included 19 computer screens, 12 computer boxes and an undisclosed amount of cash.] It is known that such illegal establishments contribute to crime in the region. “

The joint operation also resulted in the maintenance of law and order in the region. Govender added, “We have made other arrests while we were closing illegal shebeens, while many suspects have also been arrested for being in possession of and dealing with drugs.”
Medications included Mandrax, Crystal Meth, and KAT. Police also arrested those found in public with toy guns and knives. Govender celebrated the joint operation and thanked Brigadier Hewwie Jones, who led the operation in partnership with Govender.

The joint operation, led by the Sophiatown Police Station, also removed drugs from the streets. Police arrested those in possession of the drugs, including Mandrax, crystal meth and KAT. Photo: Andile Dlodlo

Sophiatown police are urging the public to notify them of illegal activity in their community. The station has once again committed itself to ensuring the safety of the community and everyone in it. Individuals with information about illegal or suspicious activity are asked to call the police Crime Stop hotline at 10111.

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