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A dose of faith

Richard G. Mendoza, MPH, PhD.

Pr. Richard Mendoza works on the Central Luzon Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist. As an educator and promoter of health, he complements his interests with spiritual and value-oriented insights.

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The pandemic is not over yet, those affected are still swaying from the Super Typhoon Rolly as Ulysses, the Philippines’ 21st tropical cyclone for 2020 hit Luzon

once again. The strong winds and the pouring rain left the houses under the water and people on the roofs stuck asking for help and rescue. The successive storms are creating double problems for the overcrowded evacuation centers of our country as the coronavirus continues to spread. When will these storms stop coming? Who can help us face our various “storms of life”?

It has been said that no storm lasts forever and that after each storm the sun shines again. No matter how strong the storm was, how much lightning hit the ground, or how much water was left, the light comes back to brighten the darkness. After difficult and busy times, things often improve. Going through difficulties and hardships is physically and emotionally exhausting and can cause us to lose hope, but try to remember that there is a calm after a storm.

Chapter 8 of the book of Luke tells the story that Jesus can calm the storm

;; 22nd One day Jesus said to his disciples: Let’s go to the other side of the lake. So they got into a boat and set off. 23 When they were sailing, he fell asleep. A thunderstorm came down on the lake, flooding the boat and putting them in great danger.

24 The disciples went and woke him up and said, “Master, master, we are going to drown!”

He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging water; The storm subsided and everything was calm. 25th “Where is your faith?” he asked his students. In fear and astonishment they asked themselves: “Who is that? He even commands the winds and the water, and they obey him. “

In this text the disciples find themselves in a terrible storm. Now storms often catch us when we are not expecting them. This probably applied to the disciples as this storm came even when Jesus was in the ship with them! But in this story Jesus reveals himself as the God who is greater than our storms. And I think our view of God is very important because how we see God determines how we see ourselves. I’m sure many of us know that God is bigger than our storms, but if you’re like me you just need to be reminded sometimes. One thing is certain in this story: the storm was not as great for Jesus as it was for the disciples! And even though the storm was over her head, it was still under His feet!

How is God bigger than our storms? May I share four of the five principles in answering the question I received from the message from Pastor Dan Strand of Madison Heights Baptist Church in Madison, TN, USA:

First; His purpose is greater than our storm (Luke 8:22) Jesus had a plan. And what kind of plan was that? It was for him and his disciples to make it to the other side of the lake. That was God’s plan! We humans have failed in our intentions, haven’t we? Have you ever set out to do a good deed only to end up not doing it? We have all failed in our purposes, but God never failed in his purposes! God’s plan cannot be thwarted! Phil. At 1: 6 it says, “If we are certain of this, the one who started a good work in you will finish it by the day of Jesus Christ.” Now we may never see a literal storm on the lake Experience Galilee, but we experience different “storms of life”. Your storm can be when someone you love dies unexpectedly and you don’t understand them. Your job may not be the way you need it to be. It could be when you feel betrayed by those you love and no one understands your heartbreak. Our storm can be when life has got us so confused that we don’t know where to turn or what to do. In fact, Satan might even whisper in your ear, “It’s no use, it will never work. You might as well give up. “What can we do when heartache is knocking on our door and we feel overwhelmed with despair or a sense of hopelessness? We begin by realizing that God has a plan and that His plan is bigger than our feelings! And his intention is greater than any storm!

Second; Its inclination is greater than our storm (Luke 8: 23-24)

When the Bible says that the ship was “filled” with water, it means that they lost “control” of the ship and the water controlled the ship. Instead of the boat controlling the boat, the storm controlled the boat. The word “danger” indicates that they feared death! They thought, “It’s over!” But they did the right thing – they went to Jesus! He got up and immediately leaned over to them. His tendency is to hear us! That is its nature! God is never in such a deep sleep that he cannot hear our soft whispers. Aren’t you happy about it Jeremiah 33: 3 says, “Call me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you do not know.” God wants us to call him! His tendency is to help us! Although Jesus slept, the disciples misunderstood the nature of his sleep. They evidently thought that “sleeping” meant that he was unaware of their current danger or that he did not care about their personal life. But Jesus was no less God when he was sleeping than when he was awake. Jesus was no less God when he lay down than when he rose. He rebuked wind and storm and created a calm! Psalm 34:19 says, “Many are the sufferings of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from all.” No matter how dark our life may seem, we must believe the truth that his affection is greater than our storm!

Third; His intervention is greater than our storm (Luke 8:25)

These disciples had seen other miracles before, but notice what they said, “What kind of person is this?” The way he intervened was unreal. They said, “It’s not human!” Let me ask you something: if God can control the wind and waves, don’t you think He can control your storm? If God can change the laws of nature, I believe he can help me with my problems! . . . Is not it? There is no storm too big for God! Do you think the? Even the wind recognized his authority and the storm was just a platform for him to work on. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, for those who are called according to his purpose.” I don’t see how He does it, but God can even use the trash in my life to bring him honor. God wants to use everything that happens to us for our good and for the glory of God. Do you think he can do that in your life? Thank God his intervention is bigger than our storm!

Fourth; His instruction is greater than our storm (Luke 8:25, 26).

The disciples learned some things from the storm that they may not have learned otherwise. They learned about their beliefs. When Jesus asked, “Where is your faith?” He asked a good question. I don’t know where her belief was, but I know where it wasn’t. Their beliefs may have been the size of the boat to withstand the storm. Her belief could have been in her ability to leave the storm behind. Your faith may have been in the strength of your anchor. I don’t know where their faith was, but I know where it wasn’t: it wasn’t in Christ. They learned about their faith from the storm, and so do we! When God sends me a storm, I see how many different things I have leaned on! What if Jesus asked us, “Where is your faith?” Some would have to answer, “My father is spot on in my circumstances. But they rarely are! Others would admit that they believe in people who react that way. But they rarely do that! Some people’s belief is only in the joys this life can offer? But they’re so short-lived. Many believe only in their finances and in the things money can buy. But they are not satisfactory. The disciples also learned about their future (Luke 8:26). You came to the other side! God wasn’t done with them yet. He had something for her other than the storm. And when the storms of life come down on us, we must realize that there is life beyond the storm. God isn’t done with us yet.

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