January 24, 2021
Chad Holloway

In October, the first and certainly last Midway Poker Tour event was marked by a silver payout controversy, with a dozen players cutting their announced payouts by a total of $ 55,060. Tour founder Dan Bekavac, who pledged to make the players whole the day after the debacle, then ghosted the players and disappeared – until this weekend.

Without offering an update to the players or the community in three months, Bekavac reappeared at the MSPT Grand Falls as a player in the $ 1,100 Main Event. Bekavac has not responded to PokerNews’ various contact attempts, and when another player tried to break the topic on the ground, it was reported that Bekavac “seemed crazy” and apparently “didn’t have it”.

While players like Renato Spahiu, who won the Midway Poker Tour event, and runner-up Satoshi Tanaka had shorts of $ 16,038 and $ 10,974, respectively, Bekavac was busy battling for six-figure prize pools.

PokerNews spoke to Spahiu, who confirmed that it was not fully completed and has not heard from Bekavac or any other Midway representative since October. While he would like to be healed, Spahiu stated that it probably never will.

Bekavac’s search for a third MSPT title did not go well, however, as he fired on both Day 1a and Day 1b without advancing to Day 2 on Sunday.

The overall situation on the Midway Poker Tour was PokerNews’ # 8 in 2020.

A sketchy past

Since the Midway Poker Tour, dubbed the poker version of the Fyre Festival, went up in flames, unflattering details about Bekavac and its business relationships have come to light.

Together with his business partner Jason Trezak, Bekavac ran the Midway Club with the unregulated poker app PokerBROS, which was closed after the controversy over the live tour. Coincidentally, players’ repayment and communications were suspended when the online lifeline was suddenly broken. A former Midway Club agent likened the entire operation to a Ponzi scheme, and it indeed appears that the original plan was to repay the affected Midway Poker Tour players by taking money from the online operation.

Well-known poker journalist Haley Hintze also covered other legal issues facing Bekavac, including his father’s company, Bekavac Trading Company, Inc. While the older Bekavac is fronting the company, Junior Bekavac is said to be funding the operation that was implicated in a lawsuit by George & Co., LLC. allegedly the Bekavacs have 20,000 copies of the dice game “LCR Left! Center! Law!”.

The same lawsuit named Bek Brands, another Bekavac company that sells goods through the online platforms Amazon and Walmart. You can read more about these seedy businesses here.

Records also show he filed for bankruptcy in federal court in 2011 and was arrested for domestic battery / assault in 2015 and subsequently found guilty.

On a 2 + 2 forum about the Midway Poker Tour, others spoke to alleged stories of Bekavac who in the past flaunted a luxurious lifestyle on social media. One poster said that Bekavac had been banned from Caesar’s estate, while another stated that he had “cheated on the government for years”. PokerNews has been unable to verify the accuracy of either claim.

Poker World responds

Dan BekavacBekavac plays the Midway Poker Tour.

Unsurprisingly, Bekavac’s appearance at a midsize poker event while the ghosted players didn’t fit well with the community.

“Very noble, I would have suggested very much that we don’t register him when he comes to our casino to play. I’m not sure what the boss would have said, but I would have tried,” Richard Serrano said in social media.

Rob McMurren added, “How do these bastards never feel ashamed or ashamed in poker? Probably Mike Postle will be back in the mix soon, if he isn’t already? “

Sam Maroon asked, “I’m trying to be a better person, but how can he not just get his ass pounded on the floor? Huge balls on this guy. “

A player of the tournament also shared the following story on Twitter:

“He belittled a buddy at the main event last night after losing a hand. Dan – ‘You’re just a sucker, aren’t you?’ My buddy – ‘Idk, let’s ask the poker world what they think of you.’ Dan … barbecue. “

Those crickets will apparently keep chirping as Bekavac is silent about the Midway Poker Tour and whether or not he still intends to get the players healthy.


  • Midway Poker Tour founder Dan Bekavac, who owes players $ 55,060, played a tournament over the weekend.