Back in October, the Midway Poker Tour was announced, a brand new poker event founded by Dan Bekavac. The tournament caused quite a stir, especially after the lack of major live event games in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 266 players took part in the event, which achieved a buy-in of USD 1,100. However, as soon as it was time to award the prizes, players were given precious metals. The result of the event was a big mess and Bekavac was nowhere to be found when the metal prizes were distributed, and it hasn’t been since then. Now he has surfaced during the Mid-States Poker Tour Grand Falls event.

It is surprising that Bekavac is attending a major outdoor event, especially after the backlash he has received over the issues surrounding the Midway Poker Tour. Players who received a payout during the Midway event are still not happy and Bekavac doesn’t seem to be concerned about that.

Not a good move

Bekavac took part in the last one Grand Falls event and bought in on days 1a and 1b, but didn’t advance to day 2 of the tournament. The players weren’t happy to see his face and felt like he shouldn’t have participated.

Players pointed out on social media that they were surprised that he even showed up after what happened to the Midway. One player in the tournament had a friend who was belittled by Bekavac after losing a hand. Bekavac was finally named by a teammate “Let’s ask the poker world what they think of you.” To which Bekavac said nothing.

To his credit, Bekavac took the heat during the event. However, it will be surprising to see it showing its face again during a big event as the players won’t let it slide which happened in relation to the Midway Poker Tour.

Imagine entering a poker event and winning thousands of dollars after reaching the top ten. Just to find out that your price is precious metals. According to the rules in Illinois, where the tournament was held, only $ 500 in cash can be paid to players in addition to the cost of the buy-in.

The state allows charity games in this way. For those who do well, they only get a small amount of money and the rest in precious metals. According to reports, someone should be on hand to provide cash for the metals. However, that didn’t happen so well.

The big mess left dark marks in the poker world and was a low point last year. Players are still trying to get what they owed months after the tournament closed.