Esports video games are played with athleticism rather than money for the sake of competitiveness, fun and recreation.

Esports is a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). We won a medal in the 2008 Asian Games and the sport will be a medal sport in the Asian Games 22. Only in India do people confuse the sport with fantasy, rummy, teen patti, RMG, online gaming, betting and gambling. This confusion is detrimental to the growth of our sport. For reasons better known to them, we wonder why they even want to be closely connected, connected or connected to the sport in the first place. As with any other sport, sport is a sport. Would you ever associate these “igaming” apps with sports like kabbadi, badminton or cricket? It is so humiliating for our esports people to be seen or compared to people involved in these igaming apps.

Electronic sports (esports) are organized video game competitions. online and / or offline; for traditional sports video game genres (soccer, cricket, etc.), multiplayer online combat arena (MOBA), real-time strategy (RTS), combat and first-person shooters (FPS); Tournaments that feature both live broadcasts of the competition and cash prizes for competitors.

Esports video games are played for competitiveness, fun and recreation, with athleticism and not for money. Even if there is no prize money, people will / will play games like FIFA21, Free Fire etc. The esports athlete only competes with their talent and ability to determine performance / result like any other sport and does not rely on luck ‘chance. Esports is also device independent. In the imagination, the outcome depends on the performance of the third person, and you have no control over how the performance of a horse race affects that third person’s performance or ability. therefore carries a decent amount of chance. Teen Patti, rummy, poker, gambling, betting, online games are purely random. The only purpose of playing these (Igaming) is mostly money. Also note that competition for casual or hyper-casual games is not a sport. Even if you are casually playing a game of Candy Crush or Fruit Ninja against the machine, it is not a sport either.

The video games are played by children / adolescents aged 14 to 22 years old, while the target group is 26 to 55 years old. Esports is primarily a physical competition for the speed of response on the device. Your hand needs to be in sync with your mind and should complement each other. Like every athlete, athletes have trained their body and visceral responses in a competitive environment. Esports involves physically multitasking 2 or more body parts such as fingers / hand, mouth / speech, eyes / sight, and ears / sound.

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Esports athletes’ skills such as dribbling and throwing a ball, as rooted in the physicality of the sport, require similarly deep internalization while performing such movements in video games. Passion, physio-psycho-technical technique, training with sweat and endurance are the ingredients for a professional esporter, just like for any other traditional athlete.

The esports community wants and requires that the sport be recognized by the government as a “sport” in India and not be distantly related to fantasy, rummy, poker, gambling, online gaming and RMG activities. so that esports / esports athletes like any sport can be promoted so that we can win more medals for the country and make India proud. ESFI won bronze at the 2018 Asian Games and we are confident of making India a powerhouse for the sport.

Recently, the government is also opening up to sport. In 2019, SEPC together with the ESFI held an international esports championship under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. This was the Indian government’s first esports championship. Recently, on February 4, 2021, the Ministry of Youth and Sport submitted its answer in Parliament (unfortunately Hon’ble Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju ji was unable to read the answers) in Parliament to the marked questions, which they identified as “e – sports is an emerging platform for the country’s youth population. “And it was also clarified that” esports is different from gaming or igaming and gambling, etc. as the former are based on skills while the latter are based on chance “.

Lokesh Suji is the director of the Esports Federation of India. The views expressed are those of the author.

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