Sports betting is on its way to Maryland after voters approved the new game option for voters last fall. So it only makes sense for a Frederick gambling venue to join the fun.

The Frederick County’s Legislative Delegation recently decided to request the Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission to issue a sports and event betting license to Long Shots Restaurant and Bar, which is located in the Clarion Inn Event Center adjacent to Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick .

The restaurant is already licensed as an off-track betting website. Therefore, it makes sense for us to expand our offer to include sports betting. It is expected that later in this legislative period a bill to implement sports betting nationwide will be passed in the General Assembly.

Senator Michael Hough (R-Frederick and Carroll) asked the delegation to support his bill calling on the state to include the local restaurant in the national plan. At the delegation meeting, this was a somewhat controversial topic.

According to a News Post article by reporter Steve Bohnel, Hough argued that Long Shots may not get on the larger bill unless the delegation pushes for the only off-track betting shop in Frederick. Hough’s local bill was eventually supported by 5-3 votes.

Our reporter said the discussion ultimately stemmed from a disagreement between three lawmakers who wanted to wait for the legislative leadership to draft the transposition and those who felt it was important to speak on behalf of the local company at the beginning of the process.

Del. Carol Krimm (D-Frederick) and Senator Ron Young (D-Frederick) said the delegation should wait until after the hearing on Adrienne Jones’ bill. Young also suggested that another Frederick company could potentially apply for a sports betting license. Del. Karen Lewis Young (D-Frederick), chair of the delegation, also opposed Hough’s move.

But dels. Jesse Pippy (R-Frederick and Carroll) and Dan Cox (R-Frederick and Carroll) said it was time to show the support for Long Shot’s. Del. Barrie Ciliberti (R-Frederick and Carroll) and Del. Ken Kerr (D-Frederick) agreed.

Hough said if Long Shot’s didn’t get a sports betting license, locals would be more likely to patronize nearby gambling establishments in West Virginia and Pennsylvania and the county would lose tax revenue.

We were very supportive of the election issue last fall, as the Maryland states and District of Columbia had already approved sports betting and it only made sense for Maryland to do the same to keep revenue in our state.

If Maryland stood up to sports games, residents would continue to cross the state line and spend their money in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or the district.

The same argument on a smaller scale applies in this case. If a state allows sports games, it should be convenient for people who like to play to play near their home.

In both the district and Virginia, residents can bet online without visiting an OTB website or casino. All you need is a cell phone or a computer. The services are advertised everywhere on television and radio. But if people want to go out to dinner or have a few drinks at a bar while they watch sports and bet on the outcome, we should advocate the local location.

If people want to make or lose money, we say they should be losing money here at home.