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It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to visit my friends. Like everyone else, we tried to make things fun and stay away from them, from the classic Zoom quizzes to jumping on PokerNow and Monzoing. After enough sessions and losses thanks to my lack of skills and my somewhat wild style of play, it became clear that while I’m having fun as hell, maybe I’m just not suitable for poker.

What I needed were new friends, not actual assignments. Many thanks to the Telltale Games, which unfortunately no longer exist, and their game Poker Night At The Inventory. My new friends were a selection of early relevant video game characters, and it was about fake money and a pair of weird oversized shutter sunglasses.

Ever wanted to stare at Team Fortress 2’s The Heavy as he ponders whether to fold when you’ve just moved all-in with all the crap in your hand? How about hearing Max from Sam & Max and asking the giant Russian for advice on which guns to buy? Want to hear Strong Bad from Homestar Runner and Tycho from Penny Arcade arguing over their PC specs and how to remove bras with boxing gloves?

Okay, yes, to be fair, there are some intolerable things, and a lot of it is extremely contemporary (the game was released in 2010), but it’s a nice little trip back in time for online kids from the early nineties. and a nice alternative to get drunk on Zoom every now and then.