Multichannel gaming provider golden palace has decided to introduce sports betting software from Altenar in 200 other terminals across Belgium after just a few months of testing.

This decision, said Altenar COO Dinos stranomitisis proof that the software worked well in the selected number of terminals for which it was originally deployed at three locations in Saint-Ghislain, Aubenge and Oostende.

“Of course there have been a lot of problems due to the pandemic as the venues weren’t always open – and therefore couldn’t generate massive amounts,” he said. “But Golden Palace is very happy with the way the terminals work.”

With the wider adoption of software across Belgium, Golden Palace – powered by Altenar’s trading and risk management expertise – will be in more direct competition with market leader Ladbrokes, an established favorite among the country’s sports bettors.

“It is a credit to Altenar that Golden Palace, a land operator established back in 1960, believes Altenar software can help them survive in the retail sports betting market,” continued Stranomitis. “When we worked with Golden Palace on the online side five years ago, we knew they had a strong land-based casino operation and some betting shops.

“There was always an opportunity for Altenar to provide sports betting for their terminals. The fact that Golden Palace chose Altenar for terminals is a sign that it is working very well online. “

As he reflected on the difficulties facing the retail betting industry amid the COVID pandemic, he emphasized, “The terminal business is huge, but of course the online and mobile sites are growing faster. It seems the timing is not the best, but there is great potential.

“We believe that many companies would like to offer the same extensive range of sports betting online and in retail. This is where Altenar software comes in – an omnichannel system in which one communicates with the other.”

This dual approach will be especially important to Golden Palace as it seeks to build on its casino success with a stronger focus on sports – an additional product that Stranomitis believes will offer higher revenue and a better chance of converting players to online .

However, he cautioned of the immediacy of large effects on revenue. “This year we have to be modest about how much the terminals will produce,” he concluded. “It’s about being ready when everything is back to normal.

“It’s a step forward in our partnership with Golden Palace. They are well positioned in Belgium as the Dutch betting regime is rolling out this summer and in other neighboring countries they want to enter. Therefore there is enormous potential for the partnership. “