They say desperation is stinking cologne, and NFL gambling sites have resorted to some desperate measures. Namely Madden simulation bets. The best online sportsbooks have lines about American football games played, or rather simulated, in the Madden NFL video game. Basically, players rely on a computer to beat themselves. Games broadcast on Twitch. The games are run using Madden’s built-in artificial intelligence. While an American football game lasts an average of 3 hours and 12 minutes in real time, simulations reduce the fat and leave the soccer ball, playing for about an hour. Commentary and cutting-edge graphics make every game as close as possible to a real NFL game.

Where to bet on NFL Madden simulations

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How to bet on Madden simulation games

This is the easy part. In short, you are placing a bet much like you would on an actual NFL game. Let’s use this example from MyBookie, one of the best NFL gambling sites out there.

Saints -3½ (-115) 51½ (-115) -175
Seahawks + 3½ (-115) 51½ (-115) +125

In this case, the saints are 3.5 point favorites. That means they have to beat the Seahawks by at least four points or more to cover the spread. If you bet $ 115 on the Saints to cover these and they do, you would win $ 100. Same thing if you bet on the Seahawks and they upset the Saints. The money line is -175 for NOLA and +125 for Seattle. That is, for a $ 100 win, wager $ 175 on the Saints to win straight. And wager $ 100 to win $ 125 on Seattle and win instantly. Finally, the total is 51.5 points. So for a $ 100 win, wager $ 115 on whether the combined score is exceeded or the grand total. As you can see this is soccer betting 101.

Madden Simulation betting tips

QB mobility. Madden prefers mobile quarterbacks. The actual NFL is a pass-heavy league, but a QB’s scrambling ability in simulations cannot be overlooked. Mitch Trubisky, for example. In real life, Tru is on his way to becoming Nick Foles’ backup. However, in Madden simulations, his ability to scramble improves the offense in ways that are not reflected in their total score. Keep this in mind when making your choices.

Life breaks down and then you die. The game’s artificial intelligence isn’t as clunky as that of NBA2k. Even so, it does have some glitches that could cause your hair to be pulled out. Some of them include lousy clock management, no spiking to stop the clock on two-minute drills, and the over 60-yard field goal. Greg Zuerlein seems like the only player who can kick them. There’s no telling how much you could get up if the teams you chose stumbled instead of botching 65 yard attempts and flipping the ball in midfield. The Philadelphia Eagles seem to be the team that do this more often. In each case, there is also a cause-and-effect relationship in which the other team scores a touchdown.

Momentum can go a long way. Speaking of missed 65-yard field goal attempts, the game is very dynamic. Live betting is a great way to get good lines.

Mid-term adjustments. Often one team dominates the first half to cool off in the second. Using a system of betting on unders in the first and second half seems to have a high success rate at NFL gambling sites.

Beware of dog. The fact that the Lions almost always lose to the Patriots in real life does not mean they will do so in a simulation. If Matt Matt avoids affecting the outcome, the Lions are a good choice.

Don’t pay for picks. These are simulations and as such are unpredictable. That makes paying for picks a pointless exercise.