The subject of sports betting was on the agenda of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

People from across the state came to testify before the House Bill 1234 Committee. Many of them argued that sports betting should not be allowed.

People who testified against the bill argue that it would have a negative impact on people battling gambling addiction.

They also argued that legalizing sports betting nationwide would hamper a major source of income for tribal nations.

And the North Dakota University System argues that it would adversely affect the university community.

“At first glance, only sports betting underscores the integrity of the game and makes unpaid athletes really vulnerable to money that only flows through the reputable games. It really depends on your performance, ”said Lisa Johnson, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs for the North Dakota University System.

Rep. James Kasper, who sponsored the bill, told the committee that the structure of the bill needed to be revised in order for the discussion to continue.