Karva Chauth Coiffure and Make-up Suggestions, Way of life

Karwa Chauth always inspires married Hindu women, whether it is their first or they have been celebrating for several years. The women dress in a traditional ensemble with makeup and accessories, even after fasting a full day, and love to flaunt their new look on that day. Check out Karwa Chauth’s hairstyle and makeup tips in this post to take your personality to another level.

Choose Karwa Chauth

Indian sari remains the best for the occasion, although there are many costumes. You can go for lehenga saree, shararas, suits, etc, but saree is the queen among all costumes. Alternatively, you can opt for your wedding dress or lehenga on the day.

Decide on the accessories

Once you’ve decided on the Karwa Chauth costume, it’s time to consider the appropriate bangles, bindi, collars, or earrings. Buy them in advance if you don’t have the accessories to go with them as these will further enhance your look.

Karva Chauth Hairstyle and Makeup Tips

Cleanse your skin to remove impurities. Then, gently scrub your face with a topical exfoliating cream. Apply a light and luminous mask (sheet mask) to your face.

Moisturize your facial skin before applying a suitable base and foundation. It gives a clean and crisp look while hiding imperfections like dark circles or acne marks. For oil control, you can use compact powder that matches your skin tone. This step is important before following the Karva Chauth hairstyle and makeup tips listed below.

Apply face primer

Apply primer to your face. It will even tighten the skin and hide pores on the skin. A foundation also helps the foundation slide perfectly onto the face and the makeup will last longer.

Bushy eyebrows

Thicker, bushier brows are the trend for 2020. Polished and textured eyebrows are not in fashion right now. So, flaunt your natural eyebrows. Pluck the minimal hair from the browbones and add a bit of color with a brow kit. Apply eyebrow gel to enhance the final look.

A perfect base

A perfect base tone plays an important role in makeup. Choose one that suits your skin texture and color. Mix the base well with a beauty blender.

Apply concealer

Apply a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. It will hide imperfections and blemishes on your face.

Deck up those eyes

Eye make up

Beautiful eyes and shiny hair are two jewels of a modern Indian woman that keep showing off her real beauty.

Eye makeup is very important. It will define your eyes and shape. For Karwachauth, you can experiment a lot with your eyes. Try to achieve a dramatic look by adding metallic hue and a bit of glitter to the eyes.

Apply some concealer to the eyes for an even tone. Set it up with powder and apply eyeshadow followed by some glitter.

This Karwa Chauth enhances your eyes by using false eyelashes. This is a great way to thicken your eyelashes. After that, you need to apply a thick layer of black liner to define your eyes, which are preferably drawn higher towards the corners of the eyes for dramatic effects. You can also use a colored eyeliner to compliment your dress for this stunning look.

Blinc Black Lash Primer

You will immediately feel the difference on your face. Now comes the best product to your rescue, i.e. mascara. Mascara will add a touch of drama to your look and make you look stunning.

Blinc mascara

contact lenses

Add some sparkle to your eyes by hugging colored contact lenses. It’s a great accessory to enhance the makeup look! Colored lenses add drama to your eyes. No wonder almost all renowned makeup artists these days use them.

Shine Like Moon with a highlight

Highlighter pen is a must have, especially if you are preparing for the festive season. Light and embers are the main theme of every Indian Christmas season. So when you apply a highlighter to the highlights of your cheeks, eyes, forehead bones, and the bridge of your nose, you will look special on Karwachauth.

Blush! Blush!

Apply a little bit of cream blush to your cheeks to give your face a rosy flush and a fresh look. For evening pooja, you can use pink or nude blush. If you have a special dinner planned with your husband, use bronze for this shiny look.

For that pout

After applying makeup to your eyes, it’s time to focus on your lips and make them look luscious. To do this, draw your lips with a bare liner. It’s an important step for those who have pigmented lips. Now apply a peach pink lipstick or another color depending on your clothes.


Karva Chauth hairstyle

Your Karva Chauth Appearance is incomplete without a beautiful hairstyle. You can opt for a bun or braid if you have long hair. For women with short hair or those who just want to play, interesting hair clips or clutches can be chosen to decorate their hair. Also, hairstyles like fishtail braids, half up, half down, medium partitions with loose hair, bun with side braids, low bun with gajra with medium partition look great with traditional costumes.

Find your perfect hairstyle with our free virtual advice!

So follow these Karwa Chauth hairstyle and makeup tips and you are ready to drool all over this Karwa Chauth!

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