And today one of the senior Northumbrian Police officers exposed the dire reality of how socializing can lead to death when he urged people to stop their “stupid and selfish behavior.”

Deputy Police Chief Neil Hutchison revealed how hot tub parties, a children’s birthday party with 30 people from different families, and student parties were among the incidents that led to violations.

He also said people had traveled to remote places under the guise of their daily walk to meet in a group.

“/>Still images from a video shared by Northumbria police showing parties being held despite Covid restrictions that ban gatherings.

But he says it is the public who helps put a stop to such violations. Every day 100 to hundreds of calls are made by people who are angry when others ignore the rules.

And he said with the restrictions in place for months, no one could claim they had misunderstood them.

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Here’s why, despite Covid vaccinations, social distancing may be required until spring 2022 …“/> Neil Hutchison, Northumbria deputy chief of police.

“I think sometimes people’s excuses are,” it won’t bother me, “” I’m young, “and what I’m saying is that it’s not about you,” said ACC Hutchison.

“If you belong to a group of people there is a risk that you will get Covid from each other and you will spread this in your community – people will get seriously ill and die.

“There are some people who don’t believe the rules apply to them or somehow excuse their congregation because they’ve been good so far. So meet up with your friends, and what I would say to that, I’m sorry, it doesn’t do not wash. “

Since the first lockdown in March, Northumbria has been the top force in the country for the number of violations criminal charges noted, with more than 4,000 people on display, while incidents of anti-social behavior rose from 46,763 in 2019 to 70,153 last year, largely due to Covid violations .

It has arrested 48 people for coronavirus-related crimes – for example, if someone claiming to have the virus coughed an officer – and sent out 700 warning letters, most of whom break the rules between the ages of 18 and their late 20s.

It has dealt with fewer than 20 people for violating quarantine rules, but expects an increase.

He said the force worked to educate people about violations when the pandemic began, but as the number of cases skyrocketed in the region, their stance became stricter as they worked with councils and the NHS to help spread the word to stop.

He also warned anyone who thought of breaking the rules by twisting the manual to ponder how he felt having to explain it to one of his officers who had worked tirelessly on the front lines about his own Endangering health during the crisis.

ACC Hutchison thanked the vast majority for complying with the law, saying the only way out of the restrictions is to follow them until the pandemic is over.

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