Online gambling and sports betting generated gross revenues of $ 42.7 million in Michigan in the first 10 days of legal gaming, state regulators said Wednesday.

That transportation began at 12:00 noon on January 22nd when the Michigan Gaming Control Board approved the start of online gambling and continued through January 31st and the end of the monthly reporting period.

Gross Internet gambling revenues were $ 29.4 million. Internet sports betting providers had gross betting revenues of $ 13.3 million for a total of $ 115.2 million.

Total taxes and payments to the state of Michigan were $ 4.4 million. And the three Detroit casinos reported taxes and service fees of $ 1.37 million.

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Tribal operators reported betting payments of $ 428,615 to tribal governing bodies.

“Internet gaming operators have got off to a good start in Michigan,” said Richard Kalm, executive director of the Gaming Control Board, in a statement. “The taxes and payments from online games will fund K-12 students who fund the city of Detroit and Michigan tribal communities.”

There are now 12 authorized operators of online gaming and sports betting platforms in Michigan.

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