One of the greatest philanthropists who grace planet earth is Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson. The young YouTuber gave away a lot of money to his fans. On top of that, he’s also contributed to really good causes like the Team Trees initiative. However, he may be running out of opportunities to spend his money.

MrBeast has an affinity for poker like any other high roller. Daily Dose on YouTube had a game of poker with Jimmy. After the match, they challenged the philanthropist YouTuber to another game. The thread of the tweets caught the eye of many celebrities on Twitter.

Popular streamer Ludwig was surprised to learn that MrBeast and Daily Dose were playing poker. Jimmy, who was himself, invited Ludwig to join them at their next game.

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CouRage challenges MrBeast and Ludwig to poker

When the thread went viral, other celebrities joined the discussion. 100 Thieves Content Creator CouRage doesn’t shy away from any challenge. Therefore, he showed an interest in participating in high-stakes poker with Ludwig and MrBeast. In fact, CouRage not only wants to participate in the game, but he feels like he will dominate everyone else.

It looks like fans are having a hell of a ride with their favorite YouTubers and streamers getting together for a game of poker. The stakes will be high and it would be interesting to see how the cards unfold.

The game will only be Daniel Craig who is not Casino Royale, and if anyone manages to get him to do it, the nostalgia would be real.

Fans gather for a high stake poker game for charity

Lots of fans responded to the thread suggesting that these celebrities can have fun while contributing to a good cause at the same time. Most people frown when they play, and these streamers are said to be idols for kids. Hence, they would send a much better message if they hosted a charity event instead.

The winner can choose a charity of their choice and donate all winnings. MrBeast is already popular for such events. With his responsibility, fans could definitely see something similar in the near future.

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