DOMINICK REUTER / AFP via Getty Images. Pictured: Phil Murphy, New Jersey Governor

Jan 28, 2021 at 10:45 am EST

New Jersey officially became the new king of sports betting on Thursday when the Nevada Gaming Control Board announced its December numbers.

Nevada ended the year at $ 4.3 billion, the worst number since 2015. New Jersey ended the year at $ 6 billion after defeating Nevada every month.

The biggest gap was the last. New Jersey ended December with $ 996 million in bets. Nevada? Bets placed for $ 588.4 million.

The difference was unsurprisingly mobile betting.

In New Jersey, mobile betting was around 90 percent in 2020, while Nevada, which still required personal registration to open an account on sports betting, was around 60 percent.

Personal betting and tourism in Las Vegas have also influenced the impact of COVID-19.

Nevada books won $ 262 million from bettors that year, compared to New Jersey, whose books were $ 393 million.

New Jersey and Nevada ranked Pennsylvania, Illinois and Indiana in the top five sports betting of the year. Indiana’s December grip brought the state to $ 1 billion for the year.