The Biggest Gaffes Ever Made By Celebrity Interviewers - Nicki Swift

Sometimes a celebrity interviewer's gaffes are of a technical nature. This was the case with Tony Danza, awaiting a live-via-satellite interview with a local news broadcast while unable to hear the anchor who'd be conducting the interview attempting to speak with him. "Those news shows are terrible," Danza complains, while the anchor repeatedly calls his name. "I don't wanna do this," Danza says of the interview. "Ooh, part of the local news, how exciting!" 

"You never know when people are listenin' to what you're sayin', Tony," the anchor says breezily, while Danza — still not hearing her — continues ranting. "Right after murder and mayhem, and the rescue in California, Tony Danza! I'm so excited," he continues. Finally, the technical problems are fixed and Danza can hear her — and realizes she's been hearing him. Rather than apologize, he instead doubles down. "Although don't you feel a little bit like that's what you do, not for nothing, it's not just me who thinks that, by the way," Danza tells the anchor, who cooly responds, "You know, it's how I make my living, so..."