A Regina casino employee will not be reassigned after the man was fired in 2018 for making racist statements against Crown Corporation employees. The employee lost his job after two racist allegations and tried to appeal the company’s decision, but succeeded. The referee confirmed that he will not be reinstated by the gambling company.

The casino employee will not get his job back at the Crown Corporation gaming venue after being classified as “arguably racist” by employees after complaining about racist comments. The now former employee has worked as a merchant and assistant manager at SaskGaming Casino for 10 years but his reinstatement application has been denied.

The hearing

The former dealer and supervisor is represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada, and the union backed the appeal by claiming that he deeply regrets the incidents and is ready to take corrective action. Allen Ponak was appointed as arbitrator on the case, but at a January hearing he explained his decision that given the man’s past, the dismissal was justified and his appeal was also denied.

An Indigenous woman who testified in the case claims the defendant told her back in August 2018 to watch John Wayne Western films. Her answer was that the aforementioned images portray harmful stereotypes and tropes of the indigenous peoples, to which the man responded with “Overcome it”. The referees also heard from the woman’s testimony that he went on with several others even more grotesque racist remarks that were found extremely offensive.

According to the testimony, the exchange between her and the former employee left her “shaky” and later, after discussions, decided to file an official complaint against him. In his testimony, the defendant admitted that his comments were inappropriate and “Completely Unacceptable”. In his words, he wanted to offer the woman a formal apology but was stopped by his superiors after they told him to stay away.

Mr Ponak’s decision viewed the man’s statements as borderline racist and even allowed him the benefit of the doubt by further stating that they were extremely insensitive. The referee also stated that it was difficult to understand how a man can be like this unaware on the impact of his comments on the woman at such times.

Grand Villa Casino scandal

The Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby, BC, was also embroiled in a racial scandal. Siobhan Barker was a Victim of race profiles on the way out of the restaurant when she was stopped by security guards asking to check her belongings. The black woman was prevented from leaving for almost 40 minutes after security officials accused her of having had alcohol or weapons.

Woodbine Entertainment and Trust 15

The horse race also fights for the rights of the colored – Woodbine Entertainment initiates the Trust 15 collaboration, a local non-profit organization. On July 22, 2020, the group took over the race operator’s social media accounts to help raise awareness of working with the Rexdale community about the day-to-day risks. Woodbine Entertainment is determined to inform informed the public about the never-ending anti-racism campaign and it works to ensure a better future for the youth.

Source: Eneas, Bryan, “Casino Regina Dealer Accused of Racism Loses Gambling to Get Back Work,” CBC, Feb. 7, 2021