(WXYZ) – Mike Mooney has been the CEO of Choices Counseling Center in Roseville, a licensed counselor, and a member of the board of directors of the Michigan Association of Problem Gambling for 25 years.

The 24-hour hotline is 800-270-7117. He wants that number out there because he expects online gambling now living in Michigan to be a growing problem.

Mooney Says 7 Action News Betting On Smartphones Could Be The Next Amazon With Fewer People Going To Stationary Casinos.

“The 21st century will grow tremendously with online gambling.”

And he says young adults are the target because they are familiar with smartphones.

The industry is not only blurring the line with sports betting, but also with casino games on the apps.

Michigan approved online gambling because it generates tax revenue. Online gambling service providers include casinos in Michigan.

The competition is tough to get and keep the new players.

According to Mooney, the Michigan Association of Problem Gambling’s position is “neutral” in this regard, as it would also like to see the state increase the amount of money it spends to help problem gamblers.