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Indiana set another new record for sports betting. For the fifth consecutive year, the state had its best month ever, when Hoosiers bet $ 348.2 million in January. This money will generate revenues of $ 29 million for Indiana.

“The industry is getting a little older and more mature, so there is natural growth associated with it,” said Jessica Welman of PlayIndiana.com. “There’s also the fact that people love football.”

Hoosiers bet the NFL playoffs the most, followed by the NBA and college basketball. DraftKings and FanDuel remain the two most popular sports betting apps in the state.

Welman says the next few months could be bigger for the state, especially with March Madness coming up.

“It’s going to be an all-time record breaker for March, given the way Indiana is chasing,” she said.

However, there is one potential downside that could prevent the numbers from going any higher. Welman says even if the entire tournament is in the Indianapolis area, participation in the games won’t be what it usually is for March Madness.

“We won’t see the excitement of the people standing in the stands and betting on the teams this year,” she said.

Welman and her colleagues at PlayIndiana.com are forecasting a huge 2021 for Indiana when it comes to sports games.

“It is very likely that Indiana could make $ 3 billion in bets during the year,” she said. That corresponds to a turnover of around 200 million US dollars for the state.