By Ben Hamill – February 15, 2021

Since bets tend to come and go, not every last one can be a good one. Some make you wonder if the odds you just bet on might not have been too good to be true. Especially when you’re Terrence Chan and you’ve just completely overlooked an important piece of information.

Chan, somehow gotten into backing Landon Tice in a heads-up match with poker high roller Bill Perkins, only realized after wagering his money that what he was betting on wasn’t as easy as a “who won it?” ”. In fact, young Tice would not only have to win but win as well, while Chan would equalize a rate of 9 big blinds out of 100 for Chan to see any return on his € 1,000 (maximum allowable) bet.

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Dispute with Timex McDonald

Realizing what he was actually getting into, Chan reportedly submitted an email request to his old friend, the owner of Poker Shares, Mike “Timex” McDonald. The only problem was that McDonald wasn’t reacting quite the way Chan would have hoped.

What followed has now been published on social media and is a conversation in which two “old” friends argue over a bag of sand. Chan claims they weren’t specifically made aware of the terms of the bet, and McDonald doesn’t seem to care – or see the situation as Chan does. And so, instead of just settling the bill by agreeing to donate the difference to a good cause, the two “old friends” pounded each other’s throats as they itched and itched more and more over time.

The rise of Landon Tice

What remains very exciting, however, is that at some point (hopefully in the near future!), 21-year-old Tice will find his way into a mano-a-mano battle of the felt with billionaire poker whiz Bill Perkins.

Tice paved his way to recognition when he defeated Doug Polk in a livestream heads-up match last year and faced the big boys.

Your poker star’s rise only started playing the game a few years ago. After grinding away and learning the ropes at $ 0.10 / $ 0.20 games, he eventually switched to medium and high stakes online games. And now that he’s working like a well-oiled machine, he’s up against the pros of the game.

Only time will tell if he’s up to the challenge of sticking to Perkins. And if he waits on the edge of his seat, Terrence Chan will potentially make a thousand dollars.

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