Punjab police claimed to have blown up an alleged bat for gambling and immoral human trafficking.


Punjab Police Sunday said it had blown up a suspected gambling and immoral trafficking thug active in Mohali district after 70 people, including 10 women, were arrested during a nightly operation at a city wedding palace.

The Punjab Police’s Organized Crime Control Unit also seized 47 vehicles and, following a notice, confiscated 8.42 lakh in cash, 40 liquor bottles, playing cards and laptops during their operation, State Police President Dinkar Gupta said.

“The backgrounds of everyone involved in gambling and immoral trafficking are being investigated,” he said.

A forensic examination of the confiscated laptops and cell phones is also being conducted to uncover more details, according to an official statement.

Following the instructions of the head of the Organized Crime Control Unit, Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh, the operation was carried out on the night of January 30th to January 31st at around 1 a.m. in a wedding palace on the outskirts of Banur in the direction of Zirakpur.

The arrested women would be used as bartenders and dancers, it said.

In the case, one case was registered under various provisions of the Excise Tax Act, the Gambling Act and the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act.