Scar Discount Remedy to cut back the looks of scars

How do the scars arise?

A scar will form on the skin as it heals the injury. When a wound goes deep and injures the inner layers of the skin (dermis), a scar forms. When the deeper layers of the skin are injured, the cells prepare collagen to repair the wound. As the body prepares collagen quickly, the area becomes thicker and less flexible compared to the rest of your skin. This tissue is a scar.

The new collagen continues to build and increases the blood supply. This will make a scar red, raised, and lumpy. Over time, the scar becomes smoother and paler. Usually scars are permanent. It can take about 2-3 years.

Most common causes of scars

– Accidental injuries

– Surgery

– scalds

– burns

– Deliberate damage

Prevention steps

A scar does not harm the body. However, it is natural for a person to get upset about his unsightly appearance. Often times it is also a reminder of the trauma that happened in the past.

There are many ways to prevent these stubborn scars from forming.

Preventing a scar early on is the best thing that can be done. Some scars are severe, such as: B. during surgery, severe trauma, or serious injury. Here are some basic scar prevention methods you can follow:

Clean properly

The fresh wound should immediately be washed thoroughly under clean water. Use sterilized tweezers to remove dirt, pebbles, germs, and / or splinters.

Cover the wound

This is important to keep bacteria, dirt, and irritants out. Use an antibiotic cream or ointment to keep the wound moist and to minimize the appearance of the scar.

Avoid picking crusts

The body begins the healing process as soon as a wound is formed. White blood cells attack bacteria, fibrin, platelets, and red blood cells. This forms a clot over the wound. Picking scabs can risk reopening wounds, giving way to harmful bacteria and the possibility of a prominent scar.

Stubborn wounds and existing scars

A scar will definitely form regardless of the effort and time you put in. Hence, it really helps to look for ways to reduce scars once they have formed. Topical uses such as creams, lotions and gels are available to minimize the appearance of scars.

Scar reduction therapy with a cream

Scar treatment creams contain natural active ingredients, patented peptides, moisturizers, and moisturizers to heal and fade the scars. These creams work in the following ways:

Scar reduction therapy

Stimulation of collagen with scar reduction therapy

Stimulate the production of natural collagen type I (skin strengthening) and type III (skin healing).

Move scarred skin cells around

A scar reduction cream pushes scarred skin cells to the surface by stimulating the healing process and helping dead and damaged cells rise to the surface. Here they are scrubbed away.

New skin cells

The cream promotes the production of new healthier skin cells. The production of fresh collagen and the gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells reduce the scarring process and also fade the scars. It is important to prevent and reduce scars without the use of lasers or steroids.

Product for scar reduction therapy

Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy with the Skinception line of skin care products is one of the best ways to reduce scars. The results are already visible after 4 weeks.


– The skin healing process accelerates.

– Promotes the regrowth of healthy, normal skin with increased collagen type I and type III production.

– Increases skin cell turnover as part of your 28 day cycle of skin cell regeneration

– Remove “scarred” cells and replace them with healthy, normal skin cells

Use of scar reduction therapy

– Use regularly for 3-4 months for best results on small scars.

– Important scars should be treated with this cream for about 6 months.

– Use the application once the wound is healed and dry

The natural regeneration of the skin takes place in a cycle of 28 days. Hence, any company that promises you results in less than 30 days is just a sham.


– The scars are flattened and smoothed.

– Fades redness and discoloration.

– Reduces skin aging in the area of ​​the scars.

– Dandruff and itching are not a problem when the moisture penetrates deep into the skin.

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