Simply Maintain Going, All the pieces You’ve Ever Needed to Obtain is Ready For You.

Flavia Sgoifo is a model, fitness trainer, actress and health lawyer. Originally from Greece, she currently lives in New York City, where she learned the Transcendental Meditation technique earlier this year. We caught up with her when she was isolated in Ireland for a few weeks before returning to Greece.

What describes your approach to life?
Just go on. Everything you always wanted to achieve is waiting for you.

What are your three favorite tools for a happy and healthy life?
I enjoy doing physical exercises of any kind for a happy and healthy body. everything from intense workouts in the gym to exercise and hiking. I like mind work, meditation and reading for a healthy and happy mind. I like to be with friends, to travel and to eat out for a happy and healthy soul. So there are three, but really one: balance.

What does a typical day in your week look like?
I usually wake up very early in the morning to make sure I have some time to myself before doing anything else. “Me time” consists of 2 hours at the gym, running or a workout at home, followed by my morning TM and a big breakfast while checking email and social media. Then the rest (of the day) can be very different depending on my work commitments. I usually teach CrossFit, HIIT, Pilates, and yoga classes in the gym or train private clients. I may have an audition, callback, or business meeting with a fitness brand or online fitness client. When I rehearse for a piece, I rehearse 3-4 hours a day. In the afternoon, I try to take some time to stretch or practice yoga and then do my TM practice before I cook dinner or go out with friends.

You wear a lot of hats, from coaching to acting to modeling. Do you see yourself as someone who has made a leap in confidence, or did it just happen?
Well, I wouldn’t say anything “just happened” in my life because I worked really hard for anything I wanted. However, I think there was a flow that took me from one thing to another.

I was a young tennis athlete but had to stop focusing on school as the examination system for high school in Greece is very difficult. I was really upset at first, but then I realized that I had a hidden desire to be an actress. When I graduated from high school with excellent grades, my parents agreed to let me go to drama school only if I got a BA in something else at the same time. So I did my BA in Media and Journalism while studying acting. My career as a journalist also opened many doors to my acting. I met people, learned to market myself, and went to some really interesting cultural events.

I moved to the USA to continue my acting studies. My journalistic skills paid my rent for at least 3 years while hosting a radio show and writing articles for various Greek-American media stations and newspapers. Since I took my workouts at the gym very seriously to make sure my body looked good and I felt safe for my acting career, I decided to get certified as a fitness trainer to help others, physically, mentally, and physically the best Versions of themselves to achieve spiritually. So here I am today: an actress with a regular fitness job on the side, who also excites me very much.

Talk about your greatest success and greatest failure. What did you learn from them?
I will not go into these events in detail because we all perceive success and failure in different ways, but also because I focused on positivity as a way of life. So I don’t think of things that didn’t happen exactly the way I wanted them to be, as “failures”, but as lessons I learned on my way to my success.

I wasn’t always like that. I have experienced major depression, anorexia, and nervous breakdowns for many years of my life. I’m only mentioning this to say that I went through many dark moments before finally settling on a positive outlook in life. What I’ve learned through both the ups and downs is that it is necessary to be prepared, have clear goals, work hard, and have a good solid plan. Not to be too tied to them, because sometimes you have to be flexible, listen to your body and gut and go with the flow.

Did you find the TM technique helpful during this pandemic?
TM has been very helpful in my life in general. I’ve dealt better with the madness of work, stress, unhappy experiences, happy moments, fears, insecurity and yes, this pandemic. I meditate every day no matter what.

Have you felt more creative and / or motivated since you started practicing the TM technique?
I would say that since I started practicing TM, I have had better clarity in terms of thoughts, concentration and inner balance, which help me not to get too sad in sad moments or overwhelmed in happy moments. I am more grounded and connected to my real self than to my emotions. TM taught me to be happy, patient, and consistent.

If you could give someone some advice as you are thinking about a life / career like yours, what would you say to them?
See? It’s a circle. I’ll end this interview by going back to my first answer: do it. Actually do it. Do it without talking about it or thinking that you have to prove anything to anyone. Put in hard work, be consistent, trust the process, and move on. Don’t get too involved in emotions, find the flow in what you do and if you follow this recipe you will live a happy and healthy life. If you are genuinely passionate about your goals, you will enjoy the process of achieving those goals as well.

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