Everyone knows how much talent you can pay for if you focus on it and do your best. Football, in particular, has brought many riches to many players. It may be difficult to know how much everyone is making each month, but the fact is, they are making good money.

The money enables them to live the life they have dreamed of. In addition, they enjoy the benefit of a raise when moving from one league to another. According to our expert Jordan Carry (you can check his profile here), it is the extra money that makes them find gambling interesting and promising for them.

Here’s the bad side of it

We understand that gambling is not bad. But too much of it can lead to addiction, which can later lead to a number of side effects for the player. We have all heard stories of how people made fortunes and how others lost good sums of money. This means that gambling is a game of chance and not a guarantee as many may believe.

Professional gamblers know it is only wise to wager what they can afford to lose at the casinos. If you wager all your money, you may have nothing but a story of lost money in the casino.

Check out the section below for highlights on footballers who have lost casino money in the past and are left with little.

Who lost money in the casino?

Below are some of the names that appear on the list of footballers who lost their money in the casinos. You will be surprised to find some great legends in football.

Michael Chopra

He is known for scoring goals and reaching greatness as a Premier League player. He also played for great teams that made him a big name in football. But its story will surprise you. He admits that he started playing when he was 17. Chances are he did it without checking the Playcasino guidelines.

You can imagine how young he was then. But his age did not justify giving up the habit. Although he lost, one of his losses left many in disbelief. Even he couldn’t believe he’d lost such an amount after playing with at least $ 30,000 a day. He lost more than $ 2 million that he could alternatively have invested for returns.

Keith Gillespie

He is one of the former elite players who only took 7-8 years to retire. He was a player who showed top talent and quality in every league he played during his time.

However, there is something sad about him. He is said to have lost more than $ 13 gambling. While the majority may think that he lost the money just gambling, the opposite may shock you.

He was a good investor, but in this case lost some of the money to bad investments. His story of lost casino money suggests that he is a gamer who wanted infinite returns on every investment he made.

Dominic Matteo

As many may appreciate the genesis of cellphones and texting, this is not the case with Dominic Matteo, the former Leeds captain. He lost nearly seven numbers just by gambling.

That is, of course, an incredible amount that can be lost by gambling. For Dominic, the invention of cell phones and text messages were the reasons for his losses as they accelerated his gambling addiction.

But there are some positive stories about him. Many can remember him for making a name for himself for scoring goals and accomplishing great things in his football career.

Lee Hendrie

If you were a close fan of soccer players and legends, you must have known who we are referring to now. He is one of the elite players in the world who has ever been tough. But that’s not enough. The casino world knows him to be consistently lost, which led to his bankruptcy.

The above are examples of the great players who once lost it to the casinos. There are many others that have lost it to the online casinos. It is therefore advisable that everyone always bet safely.