There are fireworks on the left and right in the sports betting industry starting in 2021. This week Michigan and Virginia launched online sports betting, making it the 19th and 20th states. States like Connecticut, Georgia, and Texas could soon find themselves in the mix of sports betting in 2021. Patrick Mahomes’ injury status also led to speculation that led to the AFC championship game that Sunday. Here are the biggest sports bets this week.

Monday: Connecticut could pass sports betting in 2021

Connecticut could be one of the many states to have sports betting this year. Seventeen lawmakers helped submit a bill to the state to complete online and personal sports betting with Connecticut’s tribal casinos. After much back and forth between lawmakers and tribes, it looks like the state will finally do something this year. Tribal groups will be at the forefront of the industry while the state could allow more sports betting to enter into an untied partnership. Legislators and tribal groups will begin working out details of a betting bill this year.

Tuesday: DraftKings & Bleacher Report for the Super Bowl Show

On Tuesday, DraftKings and Bleacher Report announced that they would be hosting a Super Bowl Prop Bet Show ahead of the Big Game. The show takes place on the Monday after the championship games are over. This year, DraftKings will be posting over 200 prop bets for the Super Bowl, and the Sportsbook and Bleacher Report will have all the big bets covered. The B / R reporting is done on all social media and streaming platforms and has celebrity guests and analytics to lower all prop bets.

Wednesday: Trump apologizes to Casey Urlacher & Billy Walters

On his last day in office, President Doland Trump pardoned Casey Urlacher and Billy Walters. Both were charged with high profile crimes. Casey, the brother of Hall of Fame linebacker Briand Urlacher, has been charged with chargers for gambling rings. He and many others started an offshore gambling ring in Costa Rica. Walters, a longtime sports bettor in Las Vegas, was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for insider trading. Trump shortened Walters’ sentence and made him a free man this week.

Thursday: Patrick Mahomes’ injury status has a significant betting impact

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes left the Browns game last Sunday after suffering a thrill and a concussion. Mahomes did not return to the game and was on the concussion log until Friday. Bettors speculated on the possibility of what would happen if Mahomes couldn’t play in the AFC Championship Game. Oddsmakers opened the game against the Bills at Chiefs -2.5 before quickly moving to -3, where it stayed all week. Now Mahomes is clear and the betting markets should come to terms with the news. There is a chance more Chiefs money will come in and money will come in on the over too.

Friday: Louisiana could see DFS by spring

After two years of deliberation, Louisiana will finally start accepting applications for daily fantasy sports. This comes after the DFS was approved by 47 municipalities in Bayou state in the November 2018 elections. Now, starting February, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board will begin accepting applications. There is a possibility that the process will be completed as early as the spring. Now lawmakers can focus on introducing sports betting in Louisiana after it was passed in the 2020 election. Hopefully the process won’t take as long as it does with DFS.