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Cape Town – The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Bureau prohibits all employees, including board members, from receiving any gifts of any kind in connection with their employment.

Board of Directors Human Resources Manager Sweetness Sixubane notified the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) that any gifts received from employees were recorded in a register and immediately returned to the sender.

Sixubane responded to committee member Derrick America (DA) who asked, “While the board has a gift policy for its members, is there one for employees?”

Sixubane said, “The board of directors has a policy that applies to all employees including board members. No employee can accept gifts from the industry or our stakeholders.

“We also have a register for all incoming gifts and for gift returns. The industry is aware of politics so we really don’t get any gifts. If we get any, we have to return them as soon as possible, ”said Sixubane.

Committee member Nomi Nkondlo (ANC) asked about the process of filling positions on the board and whether the opportunity would be used to improve gender equality on the board.

According to the 2019/20 annual report, which members used as a reference, the board had one vacancy and consisted of four men and two women.

However, CEO David Lakay said, “As we speak, the board is full. In December 2020, I was reappointed member and chairman of the board of directors for a one-year term that expires on December 15 of this year.

On January 31, the resignation of one member, Linda Nyati, took effect. She resigned for personal reasons and has created a new position. In addition, the term of office of another member expires in May. I think the process that started last year and for which interviews were conducted could offer an opportunity. “

Nkondlo also asked why the Board of Directors had 16 meetings in the year under review and whether this was a sign that the Board of Directors would be operationally involved.

Lakay said, “There are regular 13 board meetings per year and more than that are ad hoc meetings to deal with matters as they arise. None of the meetings were operationally linked. “

When asked by Committee member Deidré Baartman (DA) about the constraints the provincial treasury had to deal with, Chief Financial Officer David Savage said, “Our budgetary outlook for the year has been constrained by both global factors and structural economic constraints in the South African economy . This has had an impact on provincial revenue as most of our revenue comes from national government transfers. “

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