Wyndham City has partnered with Gambler’s Help and IPC Health to provide unique workshops for Wyndham seniors and people who work with seniors to work towards a future free of gambling harm.

‘Stepping out! Workshops are intended for seniors living, working, or newly recovering in Wyndham, service providers, social activity planners, or volunteers working with or planning activities for seniors.

The workshops aim to build stronger social connections for older people without gambling damage by encouraging senior citizens in Wyndham to consider alternative places and activities for recreation.

The workshops are tailored to the accessibility requirements of the participants. It uses voice interpreters (for online and in-person workshops), listening loops (for in-person workshops), and other adaptations that are tailored to the skills of the participants.

Interested participants can register as an individual, group or workplace.

Cr Susan McIntyre, owner of the Community Safety Portfolio, said the council is determined to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of all Wyndham residents by preventing the harm associated with gambling.

“Half of Australian adults 65 and over are at risk of gambling damage,” said Cr McIntyre.

“Many older adults visit arcades so as not to play, to have something to eat, to meet up with friends or to take part in sports and leisure activities. “

“There is evidence that such visits will see them spending some time playing electronic slot machines.”

“These workshops are designed to educate seniors and those who work with seniors about play damage and to discover play-free places and recreational activities in Wyndham.”

“We are focused on promoting healthy, gambling-free social living for seniors and helping our Wyndham communities make decisions about participating in non-gaming activities.”

“We encourage all seniors and people who work with seniors to sign up for a workshop to create a future that is free from gambling damage.”

The workshops start next month and take place from March to August. Due to COVID restrictions, the workshops are limited to 15 people. Register today: https://bit.ly/3bR21uZ