A scammer defrauded a small business with over £ 80,000 and stole money from their charity to help fund his gambling addiction.

Sohan Basu from Portsmouth was an IT Account Manager at Prestige Promotiond in Ivinghoe Aston between 2010 and 2018.

He had withdrawn cash from a company account to two accounts he had set up on behalf of his boss.

The suspicion was piqued in the summer of 2018 when the company’s executive, a man in his sixties, noticed a series of expenses from his corporate bank account that he did not recognize.

They were classified as his own expenses, but he had never paid them to himself.

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He reported the fraud to police, and an investigation found that more than £ 45,000 had been transferred to two accounts on behalf of the company’s executive.

Basu, 52, had set up the account on his boss’s behalf to avoid suspicion and then withdrew tens of thousands of pounds using ATMs.

Checks were also found to have been stolen from the company’s property and deposited into the fake accounts – as was funds from a charity the company set up to help children in Africa.

Although the blatant scammer related to the crimes was arrested in March 2019, he continued to target the same man.

In 2020, the boss received parking fees and criminal charges for traffic offenses involving a vehicle he was unaware of.

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Further investigation revealed that Basu had registered a vehicle with the DVLA on behalf of the victim and set up a direct debit using his bank details to pay for the insurance policy.

In total, Basu has been convicted of over £ 81,000 in fraud.

A significant portion of the stolen money had been spent on gambling.

The company’s chief executive provided evidence in court, saying he always “implicitly” trusted Basu and felt “besieged” in exposing the crimes.

Investigative Officer Detective Constable James Lacey of Aylesbury CID said, “This was a lengthy, complex, and sophisticated scam carried out and motivated by a trusted employee against not only a small business but also a charity for many years a serious gambling addiction.

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“Sohan Basu went to extreme lengths to ensure that his theft went undetected, even until bank accounts were opened in fake names for the sole purpose of siphoning large sums of money from his employer.

“In his unsuccessful attempts to avoid prosecution, he also used false identities, driver’s licenses, and mailboxes in names other than his own.

“The fact that he continued his fraud even after his first arrest shows that he has held both his employer and the judicial system in complete contempt. I am delighted that he has now been convicted of these crimes and subsequently taken into custody where he cannot do further damage.

“I hope this finally gives the victim some security and sends a message that both financial and cybercrime will not be tolerated.”