IMPERIAL Pacific International cannot hire a new Chief Executive Officer under state gambling regulations without a license to be a key casino employee of the Commonwealth Casino Commission.

In an interview on Wednesday, Andrew Yeom, Executive Director of the Casino Commission, said the commission had not issued an employee license for casino keys. This is a prerequisite for anyone hired by IPI for CEO and other key management positions.

When asked if he had received an application for an employee license for casino keys from IPI, the manager said he had not done so.

Addressed to IPI management for comment, they said, “IPI is currently being applied for [for] a CCC license for the new CEO. IPI has requested the government to extend the deadline for completing the first gaming facility. “

Although Yumul has not made an official statement on his appointment as IPI’s new CEO, federal court records showed that he appeared on Wednesday as “IPI CEO” along with other IPI officials in a settlement conference on a sexual harassment case filed against IPI.

He also appeared at a status conference last week for the five complaints against IPI that were filed with the Casino Commission.

Under the terms of the casino commission, “no person may be employed as a casino key employee unless that person is provisionally licensed or licensed as a casino key employee under these terms. The license is valid for the period specified by the Commission. provided that annual casino key employee license registrations are required in a form to be determined by the Executive Director or the Commission. “

The regulations allow the casino operator to apply for a temporary license so that the new CEO can lawfully represent IPI.

Variety learned that the casino commission may not issue a license to employees with casino keys for Yumul until IPI pays the commission of $ 3 million in regulatory fee due October 1, 2020.

IPI’s failure to pay the regulatory fee is one of five enforcement actions filed with the Casino Commission.