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Stretch marks are also known as striae and occur after changes in skin shape, weight gain, sudden weight loss, puberty, pregnancy, and / or the baby’s delivery. Stretch marks are not a physical condition or a sign that something is wrong with your body. Both men and women are prone to stretch marks. No wonder people search a lot Stretch marks natural remedy to make her previous skin glow again.


Initially, the stretch marks appear as pink, red, black, blue, or purple streaks on the skin. Over time, stretch marks adorns a different texture. These marks disappear over time. Many become brighter and more translucent.

Getting rid of hard scars can be difficult. Some home remedies can help fade or lighten these marks. Stretch marks natural remedy This work is listed below:

Coconut oil as a stretch mark is a natural remedy

The fatty acids in coconut oil are easily absorbed by the skin. It also increases the production of collagen in the body, which helps improve the texture of the skin and speeds up stretch mark recovery.

How to use: Rub extra virgin coconut oil on stretch marks daily after the bath.

Aloe vera

These thorny leaves are a powerhouse of water and essential nutrients that help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This will reduce stretch marks in just a few weeks.

How to use: Break off a stem and rub the clear glue directly onto stretch marks. Let dry.

Sugar-lemon scrub Stretch marks natural remedy

This peeling is also considered a natural alternative to a dermatologist’s microdermabrasion technique and is one of the few clinically proven remedies for faded stretch marks.

How to use: Mix together a cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of coconut oil. Add the juice of one lemon and gently scrub this mixture on the affected areas for 8-10 minutes.

Cocoa butter as a stretch marks natural remedy

Cocoa butter is moisturizing and can easily penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. This will help fade the appearance of stretch marks.

How to use: Apply cocoa butter directly to stretch marks and massage into skin daily after bathing.


Egg white is loaded with amino acids and proteins and is very helpful in the regeneration of stretched skin.

How to use: Whisk the white of two eggs and apply foamy white to the affected areas of the skin. Let it dry and rinse with cold water. Use this method every day.

What does not work?

According to research and studies, over-the-counter creams and gels for stretch marks do not help to completely fade stretch marks. Some don’t help at all. These products should be used as early as possible for stretch marks. Topical treatment has little or no effect on mature stretch marks.

Other stretch mark removal options like laser therapy and even prescription creams can be expensive and ineffective. Many of these also contain harsh chemicals that lead to side effects.

What works?

Effective Stretch Marks Natural Remedy – H-STRETCH MARKS FORMULA


– Ingredients of the highest quality

– 100% natural and gentle on the skin

– Very effective

– Formulated from high quality pure essential oils

– No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, drugs or additives used

– Extremely gentle and soothing on the skin

– Quickly seals in moisture and improves the texture and tone of the skin

– Made in the USA using the highest quality plant extracts

– – 90 day money Reverse guarantee

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How it works

H-Stretch Marks Formula is a natural product that works gently and effectively against stretch marks. It needs to be massaged on the affected areas such as the buttocks, abdomen, breasts and / or thighs. It helps fade even stubborn stretch marks and improve skin texture.


– Reduces the appearance of stretch marks at home safely

– Works effectively on stretch marks on hips, legs, breasts, stomachs, etc.

– 100% natural and very gentle on the skin

The result varies from person to person. It depends on the severity of the marks. This product reduces the appearance of “striae” without side effects or skin irritation. The skin easily absorbs natural essential oils. In addition, this expanding tissue soothes quickly and promotes elasticity and suppleness of the skin. It can also be used by children. The product is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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