With the advent of online gambling in Michigan and online sports betting in Virginia, last weekend was the busiest weekend in American online gambling history.

According to Conscious Gaming, there were record volumes of legal US online gaming, both in virtual casinos and in sports betting. The two newest states to introduce online gambling markets accounted for a quarter of the country’s online betting market.

In Virginia and Michigan alone, there were 7.5 million transactions from more than 400,000 betting accounts, accounting for 25% of the total number of gambling transactions across the country.

Based on geolocation data, the Michigan players took the first step on the state’s first weekend of action. The data showed that Michigan bettors had more transactions than any other state with regulated betting. In other states, however, the overall contest could be greater.

“Hundreds of thousands of people in Michigan and Virginia placed legal online bets for the first time last weekend,” said Seth Palansky, vice president of corporate social responsibility at Conscious Gaming, in a statement. “This shows that Americans will be giving up illegal websites and the street corner bookmaker to put trust in companies that are accountable, provide solid consumer protection, and use responsible gaming practices.”

With the introduction of online gambling in Michigan and Virginia last weekend, there are now 17 states that have legalized online wagering of some kind. At that time, it was only 10 last year, and the number will only increase as other states slowly enter the market.

New York could be one of the next to allow the activity as Governor Andrew Cuomo recently changed his mind and is poised to expand sports betting online and via mobile apps. Previously, he had only supported sports betting through stationary sports betting in the casinos in the hinterland.