These Easy Methods Will Overcome Nervousness

When it comes to experiencing total bliss and tranquility, mindfulness of the body is a very important tool. By paying attention to the physical movements and sensations of your body, it is easy to divert your attention from thoughts that can lead to stress.

Once this is done, your emotions can be calmed and you will feel more comfortable and calm. Another benefit you are likely to enjoy from practicing mindfulness this way is the long-term effect and changes it has on your brain.

With such changes in your brain, it becomes very easy for you to be less emotionally reactive and your tendency to give up situations is reduced. However, your body alone has an inherent and more direct impact on your emotional responses.

The way you hold your body, the posture you take, all contribute to how you feel, and the overall effect of all of these factors can be measured.

Research has shown that sitting upright increases the likelihood of a person having positive thoughts, as well as the ability to recall good memories. On the contrary, a slump position is associated with thoughts of depression and bad memories.

To demonstrate the importance of posture to human life, Adam D. Galinsky and Li Huang of Northwestern University conducted some posture research. Research has shown that attitude is a major determinant of whether people take action or are powerful.

Well, a good thing about posture and how we feel is something that is easy to change. Yes, you can even put it into practice right away. In fact, you should embark on a standing meditation in which you take a Wonder Woman or Super Man pose.

Similarly, you can also try sitting in a force position. As you do this, sit up straight with your head high and your hands and legs taking up some space around you. While doing this, you should be careful as it is a factor that contributes to feeling dejected, tired and even fainted. With feelings like this, your thoughts will most likely get out of control.

Make this a regular exercise and return to this pose throughout the day. Keep doing this even when you are standing or sitting at home, in the office, while walking, or even while driving. As you do this, think about how it feels to stand, walk, or sit with a certain level of confidence.

Once these thoughts echo within you, notice how these thoughts affect your feelings. Repeat as many times as possible within a day and participate in a power pose for at least 3-5 minutes.

Well, for a lot of people, they may experience feelings of anxiety when trying to maintain a more secure posture. This happens because they usually feel or think like this, “I’m not someone who shows that level of trust.”

Whenever you experience this, always remember that this is only a short-term feeling that will soon pass. Also, always remember that the changes that are going on in you psychologically are most likely to instill a sense of confidence and strength in you.

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