A heads-up match between the legendary poker motor mouths Antanas Tony G Guoga and Phil Poker Brat Hellmuth could be on the agenda after the Lithuanian businessman, politician and poker pro has called his old rival …

By: Andrew Burnett

If it’s safer to travel, I’ll use @phil_hellmuth for a dance on the felt.

High stakes Hold’em for charity.

Who can set this up? International television is a must!

– Tony G (@TonyGuoga) February 12, 2021

It seems as if Everyone is keen on the great Phil, the Poker Brat too called by Daniel Negreanu this week. The GGPoker Ambassador was encouraged to act by Hellmuth’s “Disappointment” in DNegs’ game against Doug Polk in your last grudge match.

Of course there was Hellmuth once very disappointed with Tony G’s behavior, the Lithuanian-born, partly Australian legend Lying to Phil back in season 2 of PokerStars’ Televised Big Game.

The irrepressible Tony claimed he would go all-in blind after Hellmuth raised pre-flop. Hellmuth finally took him at his word and called the all-in.

Tony G turned A ♥ K ♥ over, dominating Hellmuth’s A ♠ J ♦, and cackled loudly at Hellmuth’s call.

“Oh, you lied,” said a surprised Phil.

“Of course I lied!” was Tony’s reply, adding, “It’s Poker Phil – what do you think is that?”

His calls this week for a charity showdown soon got PokerStars hands up to host a rematch, however Phil may be hard to pin down.

He already has challenged Doug Polk, looks like he’s envisioning the Negreanu battle, and recently beat Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari three times in a high-stakes heads-up duel $ 350,000.

Hellmuth tweeted his impressive poker résumé yesterday in several tweets, refuting the views of the “TYGAT (Top Young Guns At The Time)” who said he was “finished” at various stages in his career.

“In 2020, TYGAT says I’m done, but I am won 28 out of 31 televised cash games over 6 years. Haters hate, but they are not worthless: they fuel me !! “

Whether this fuel will turn into victories and real cash (for charity in Tony G’s case) remains to be seen, but it would be stupid to sack the 15-time WSOP bracelet winner in one match.