CHICAGO (WLS) – Just hours before he left office, President Donald Trump granted pardons or commutations to more than 140 people, including Casey Urlacher, former chief strategist Steve Bannon and rapper Lil ‘Wayne.

Urlacher is the brother of Chicago Bears, the great Brian Urlacher. He is also the mayor of Mettawa, Illinois.

The unpaid mayor of Mettawa had been charged with conspiracy to engage in illegal gambling.

Authorities said he tracked down the gambling debt and helped carry out an illegal gambling operation. Those charges could have sent him to federal prison.

He was among ten people charged with conspiracy to illegally run a multi-million dollar sports games business in the Chicago suburbs. The nine other defendants include Chicago police officer Nicholas Stella.

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But late Tuesday, Trump granted Casey Urlacher a full apology.
In a statement by the White House it is partly stated: “Mr. Urlacher is committed to the public service and has consistently given something back to his community.”

The statement goes on to say that his pardon is supported by his friends, family, and members of his community.

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Casey Urlacher was not only Mayor Mettawa with around 550 inhabitants, but also ran for the Senate without success a few years ago.

“He was not at the top of the pyramid here, but he was apparently very important to the running of the company as charged in these indictments,” said Gil Soffer, legal analyst at ABC7. “There is a lot of money out there that is hands-on. It’s an old gambling operation in a way, but on the internet.”

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Casey Urlacher did not immediately respond to requests for comments.

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