The habits of men and women are different. Despite the fact that experts have denied a lot of stereotypes. In the area of ​​gambling, studies have been carried out that have shown differences in behavior between women and men.

The behavioral habits observed between men and women in gambling are different, but this is due to many prejudices. They have nothing to do with gambling offers as the main purpose of gambling sites is not to attract representatives of a male or female audience to the game. On the contrary, now they offer a fairly large number of functions and options of all kinds for people of different nationalities and different genders.

The only nuance to look out for is the slot machine theme. For UK players we recommend a more detailed one Check out the list of gambling sites that are not on GamStop. But even here everything is very individual, because there are women who like to play in casinos. And it’s possible that men only like cute pandas. Despite this, some behavioral differences were found during the research.

Main differences

Studies done in the US and the UK found that only 18% of women are involved in gambling. Several factors are associated with this:

  1. First, girls are not often exposed to risks, and often they are also faced with such phenomena as lack of time. On the contrary, for men the motive is to make money quickly by gambling.
  2. In addition, it has been found that the average rates for men are much higher than those for women. This is due to the fact that most of the beautiful half of humanity prefer to spend finances on more pleasant entertainment.
  3. There are also differences in the age category with regard to gender. In the strong half, men are the main category of players whose age is a little over the age of 30. In the case of women, it is mainly those who are 40 or older who play. Among young people there is roughly the same percentage of those who prefer to pass the time gambling.
  4. In the course of psychological research it has been found that a large number of women are starting to get involved only in gambling in order to escape reality, stress and loneliness. Hence, it can be argued that women do not view gambling as income.

Game entertainment venues

Women have a huge responsibility as they prefer to play at home or on the way to work and occasionally stop for popular women’s magazines. About 13% of men admitted to gambling right on the job while dreaming of visiting real elite casinos in Las Vegas or Macau. Even so, both women and men prefer computerized versions of entertainment.

Game settings

Given the most popular types of gambling, it is important to note that men prefer to play cards or wager on sports and women, although there are generally fewer risks in life for men who enjoy playing bingo or roulette. It is believed that women’s involvement in any particular type of gambling depends on the theme used.

Many gambling resources pay attention to a person’s gender and try to use certain components.

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Compared to women, men spend a lot more on gambling as they see it as income. This only goes to show why there is an order of magnitude less among the more equitable sex game addicts than among men.

According to the research results of it was found:

  • Men are 2 times more likely to be addicted to gambling;
  • They are more likely to suffer from manifestations of subclinical behavior.

They can experience great stress when they lose a large amount of money that cannot be returned, or when they are trying to make more money immediately after making their first big win. This is due to people’s compulsiveness and willingness to take risks.

Women are more effective at “problematic” gambling. Despite all of this, gambling addiction is a real challenge for everyone. But a man is not always ready to ask for help and admit his own defeat. Hence, sometimes you can take into account that statistics are not always 100% correct.

Time for games

When calculating the time spent playing, it was found that in the life of a man it takes about 14 hours and for a woman about 21 hours. However, this is because the average life expectancy in women is higher than that of the stronger sex.

And it is not surprising that many men consider gambling an integral part of their current daily life. On the contrary, women prefer other more exciting activities and entertainment.


It’s worth noting that there are a number of stereotypes in this issue that no one pays attention to:

  • One of them is that many believe that men play better than women. In practice, you will find a large number of fairer genders who have achieved amazing results.
  • An equally weighty stereotype is that where everyone is confident that men are mostly addicted to video games. However, as practice shows, this number has decreased significantly recently.


Gambling is an area where a person’s gender can leave a mark. Women try to have fun with the help of gambling, and men try to make money.

There are conceptual differences in gender preferences. This also applies to age and gender as well as the time spent on the slot machine. Because of the focus of their own attention on the bottom line, men are more likely than women to develop gambling addiction. If they hide this problem, it will take root even more.