Why are Pre Made Followers Higher Suited To You Than Handmade Lashes?

Why are pre-made fans better for you than hand-made eyelashes?

Why are pre-made fans better for you than hand-made eyelashes? Over the years there have been frequent discussions and arguments among eyelash lovers about which brand of eyelashes is the best on the market. prefabricated fans or handmade eyelashes? On the other hand, some are on the fence.

Before, many people were against pre-made fans, but with the latest pre-made fan development and the growth of the industry, it has made pre-made fans safer, improved, and a quality product compared to hand-made eyelashes. That is why this article explains why pre-made fans are better for you than homemade eyelashes.

When used correctly, it cannot be denied that prefabricated fan lashes have their advantages, although they are still controversial. While handmade lashes can be beautiful, they may not be perceived as beautifully as pre-made fan lashes. Here are some of the reasons why:

Get a full set in half the time

Compared to handcrafted lashes, one of the interesting things about the pre-made fan is that it saves the time you need to make fluffy, large sets while maintaining the quality.

What does this mean for your company? It means you have more customers and when you have more customers you will make more money. This seems like an irresistible and hassle free proposition. All you have to do is just get a pre-made fan lash, glue and apply! Easy.

How safe are they for customers?

Their various theories and thoughts on how safe the pre-made fans are for customers. Are They Safe for Customers? Of course they are.

Most of the problems associated with pre-made fan lashes arise in the environment in which they are applied, in the technology, in the adhesive and in the application. For the best result, you’ll need a slower drying, medium thickness glue.

It is important to note that applying too close to the lash line, improper insulation, or the use of too much glue will not produce the desired result. Hence, you need to be careful when applying the glue.

You also need to write down the weight that you put on the natural eyelash, since fanned lashes are heavier than the person.

How long does it take?

Compared to handmade eyelashes, pre-made fans don’t close and allow you to create a great eyelash extension with a permanent and lasting, fluffy look.

user friendliness

Pre-made fans are very easy for you to use if you know how to use volume and classic lashes. Not only will they give you a great result, but they will also give you more speed and confidence that will add value to the overall result.

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of pre-made fans, it’s equally important to discuss the disadvantages.


It costs more

Buying high quality pre-built fans will cost you more. This means that you need to increase your selling price. Also, if you’ve never done one before, you’ll likely need to take a volume training session to understand the weight of pre-built fans and how to safely work with various extensions.

Ready-made fans do not wrap around the natural eyelash

It’s important to understand that pre-built fans don’t wrap around your natural eyelash. This can therefore affect retention.

They have a thicker base

The reason a lot of people were against pre-made fans was because of its thick base. However, these days there are pre-built fans with a slimmer base. You just need to do a thorough research.


Various factors are taken into account in the manufacture of the prefabricated fans, e.g. E.g. consumer eye health, with the fans being thermally bonded to the adhesive which means that the adhesive does not add any weight. That said, if you were to create a 4D fan with 0.07 lashes, it would weigh 0.136 mg.

Using pre-built fans may cost you more, but it will save you more time and allow you to accommodate more customers in a day. So you don’t have to sweat for hours to make perfect symmetrical mega-volume fans.

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Why are pre-made fans better for you than hand-made eyelashes?

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