Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular. To date, it is one of the most profitable sectors in the entertainment industry with around 2.5 billion mobile players around the world. In addition, the percentage of the population with a smartphone has steadily increased over the years and, in fact, 48.53% of the world’s population have one today.

To put this number in perspective, it is already valued at $ 63 billion in 2020, while it will be valued at $ 102.8 billion in 2023. Smartphones aren’t just affecting the gaming industry, however. They have also had a massive impact on the online gambling sector. Here we examine the key factors driving the growth of mobile gambling among gamblers around the world.

Mobile-first online casinos

The first online casino was launched in the 90s and a lot has changed since then, mainly because the online gambling industry has always been open to innovation and online casinos are constantly striving to bring the online gambling experience to their users improve.

There used to be few online casinos, but today we see a very different reality. New casinos keep popping up. As a result, the competition is quite tough and it is a little more difficult for members to find reliable, high quality casinos. Hence websites like new online casinos are extremely valuable to players as they provide unbiased and detailed information on new casino sites. There are also websites like Spinsify Here, members can find a detailed guide on new casinos and what they have to offer players. What all of these casinos have in common, however, is that they are all optimized for mobile gaming. The mobile friendly casino websites and separate mobile apps are a crucial part of the overall gaming experience on any casino website these days.

Additionally, not only is it important for a casino to have a mobile optimized website, but the quality of the website available on mobile is also very important to the players. Of course, they want to be able to play their favorite casino games on the go and have access to the entire game collection. This also applies to promotions, bonuses and other features that are usually present on the desktop version of the casino website.

As mentioned earlier, competition is increasing and ultimately, users want to play on a casino website that offers a seamless gaming experience across all devices. Hence, you will find that many reputable casinos have a top notch mobile version of their website. This means that not only can they be reached on desktop devices, but they can also communicate with a whole new audience that is playing casino games, mostly on their mobile devices.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps, which are dedicated casino apps, make mobile gaming on the go even more convenient. Online casinos and even land-based casinos develop their own apps that, like any other app, are available for download on your smartphone and tablet. Some casinos have more mobile apps for live casino games, for example or slots. This is another reason why mobile gambling is becoming increasingly popular because, for example, users can instantly play a certain category of games with just a few taps of the finger.

Push notifications, which notify users when there is a new game or offer, for example, are another benefit of playing on a mobile device, especially when most users spend more time on their smartphones than on their PCs.

Innovative developers

Of course, the mobile game revolution would not have been possible without innovative developers developing mobile friendly casino games. Brands like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming and many other providers ensure that the casino games are of the highest quality and members can play on any device they want.


After all, it’s very convenient to play on the go. This is the main reason mobile gabling is taking over the online gambling sector. Anyone can log into a casino website with their smartphone, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re home or commuting.

As long as they have a reliable internet connection, they can access casino sites and play casino games. And as mentioned before, most people spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, but also many people around the world rely on their smartphone as a device to access the internet.

In fact, up to 72.6% of the world’s population is expected to get online only from their mobile devices. Hence, it is very understandable why mobile gambling is on the rise. Implementing innovations like 5G technology will only make online gambling more convenient and accessible to the public.