In 2018, McKinsey proposed that Croatia be economically advanced through its digital growth. According to the report, Croatia could see GDP growth of EUR 8.3 billion by 2025. Industry currently accounts for around half a percent of the country’s GDP, so there is a clear possibility that this will increase. Could the growth of online casinos help Croatia become a digital hub?

Appetite for digital

There is clearly an appetite for more digital engagement across Croatia. From streaming services replacing our traditional preoccupation with TV content, to the increase in older people joining social media websites. People are excited to see what digital has to offer.

In fact, even traditional industries have seen a trend towards digital methods of engagement. For example, the opportunities to engage in casino online have expanded to include traditional games such as poker and slots while using modern digital technologies such as animation and graphics. This shows that adopting such a traditional industry and harnessing the power of digital technology is helping to transform the experience and attract a wider audience. The online casino is a perfect example of how something traditional has been adapted to appeal to a digital audience.

Digital nomads prove that Croatia is the best digital spot

The rise of the digital nomad community in Croatia also shows that further digitization of the economy would be lucrative. Indeed, digital nomads work online and require a laptop or mobile device and high-speed internet. They can work effectively anywhere, and many take advantage of this by traveling the world as a nomad did in the past.

Croatian digital nomad visa allows people to apply for a visa to stay in the country for communication work. Opening up the country as one to digital nomads will help position Croatia as the digital center of the future.

How can Croatia use digital?

Positioning as a digital hub is a strong step for Croatia. It helps to invest in other avenues for GDP growth, especially those that can be guaranteed in the future. The next step in harnessing the power of digital technology is to nurture more native digital talent and grow the digital industry.

Online casinos could help spread this. There is already an appetite for casino content and the digital nature of the industry means it can be developed from anywhere. With the introduction of the online casino, Croatia could improve its digital references and become a digital hub. By attracting nomads of all kinds, Croatia could become a breeding ground for digital talent. The online casino industry is an industry to watch and one that mirrors the digital nomad – both are transforming something traditional into something digital.
Croatia is known as a tourist hotspot, but a new nomad digital visa has helped change that and show that while the country is a place of fun, it is also a place of work. The work adopts a digital orientation and helps position Croatia as a hub for digital growth. By further taking into account the digital nomads and the opportunities offered by online casinos, this could help achieve the projections outlined in the McKinsey report back in 2018.