Sports betting numbers in the Mountain state were down in the month of January. West Virginia Sports Betting just shyly generated $ 51 million in betting for the month after exceeding $ 53 million in December.

Unfortunately, betting seems to be trending downwards. There was over $ 14 million under control in the first two weeks of January. However, in the past two weeks, bets have dropped to around $ 12 million and $ 10 million.

The conclusion of the football season certainly contributed to this decline. As soon as the NFL playoffs At the beginning there are only so many games that bettors can bet on.

Bet on the WV online sports betting apps stayed about the same compared to last month.

They accepted 65% of the total hold in January with a total of almost $ 33 million.

Retail sports betting saw a significant drop in betting mid-month. After opening weeks of more than $ 5 million each, they only raised around $ 7 for the rest of the way.

Overall, her grip almost hit $ 18 million during the four week period.

WV books also did not do well in terms of January earnings.

While they almost earned $ 4 million The winnings are roughly $ 800,000 less than in December.

WV Sports Betting January Handle

The total of $ 50.7 million was a 5% Decrease compared to the previous month.

After two solid weeks, the betting numbers fell in late January. The total in the state for the week of January 30th was only $ 10.2 million.

This marks the first time WV’s weekly handle has dropped below $ 11 million 14 weeks.

While online betting produced consistent results, mobile betting is also going in the wrong direction. They grossed at least $ 8.2 million in bets every week until the last of the month when the handle was only $ 7.1 million.

This is the lowest online trade since the end of the week 21st November.

Retail bets also hit new lows in recent bets. They held under $ 4 million bets for two weeks after failing to do so 16 consecutive weeks.

Hollywood Casino led everyone else over $ 25 million in bets. His online app from DraftKings WV topped retail bets and flipped last month’s result.

The online sports betting looked around $ 13.3 million under control while the retail book was just under $ 12 million.

The greenbrier was almost second in January $ 19 million.

As always it is FanDuel WV and BetMGM Sportsbook WV Pioneer because of the private status of the resort. The mobile apps have more than registered $ 18 million under control or something 97% from all.

Climber Casino Third with over $ 4.4 million. It is William Hill WV Betting app accounted for more than $ 1.1 million the monthly sum.

Carnival Casino and Wheeling Island rounded off the rest of the active sports betting with about $ 1.7 million and $ 725,000, respectively.

Carnival’ Betly app produced around $ 265,000 at betting while Wheeling Island was closer $ 65,000.

WV Sports Betting January revenue

The January sales report wasn’t particularly impressive. WV sports betting totaled around $ 4 million 16% Decrease compared to December.

Online sports betting apps were responsible for over $ 2.4 million of revenue as retail locations saw more than $ 1.5 million.

Hollywood Casino was also a leader in terms of revenue. The retail book and DraftKings app roughly added up $ 2.2 million last month in profit.

The online sports betting was almost done $ 1 million during the four weeks.

The Greenbrier finished second in January with around $ 1.4 million in sales.

The online platforms FanDuel and BetMGM generated most of the income. Together they added up $ 1 million for the month.

The Mountaineer Casino took third place with just three points $ 165,000. Sports betting actually lost money in two of the four weeks of the month.

Mountaineer’s William Hill Sportsbook made over $ 100,000 from all.

Mardi Gras was next with $ 105,000 in total sales. Wheeling Island was last in January with almost $ 70,000.

The Betly app has more than recorded $ 14,000 for carnival while it was doing about $ 16,000 for his sister property.